Stealth flyers

  • RELEASED: Oct 1995 – May 1997
  • FORMAT: A6 card flyer
  • CAT No.: n/a
  • DESIGN: Openmind
  • SPOTTERS DELIGHT: Several successive months joined up to form a larger image on one side of the flyers

This club started as a launch party for the ‘Recipe For Disaster’ album and lasted 18 months. For the first 3 flyers I was into metallics, then into a little 4 card join up of the Ninja logo, then I’d come back from Japan with mini Ultraman figures and did a series of 6 with them (including the first instance of the phrase ‘Yes Mate’)

And here is the epilogue…..

And thus it came to pass that on 16th January 1997 the great soul Ninja was crucified at the Blue Note in her manifest form of Stealth.
She did so to convert her physical death into a metaphor for the rest of the undaground to hear.
Sacrifice implies ‘to make sacred’. However, a sacrifice does not make anything sacred unless what we are giving up is very dear to our hearts and of utmost personal significance.
This is why the Book of Stealth must come to a close. Search for the Ninja inside ya, and you will realise that Stealth can never die, for the multidimensional message we came to bring burns as a bright spark in the core of your inna bass-bin; beyond the bullshit, without the ego-bism, within the music… is Life itself. Perhaps you may find left behind a soundscape filled with the triphoptimism of a generation which has learnt there may be more to dance music than two decks and a mixer….

And besides, all good things must come to a trend, and when they do, it’s time to get back to where you Really Come From. See ya around suckas: End of transMission.

Remixed by Mr. Sho’nuff, da elfish Kid Chameleon. Uncleared samples from Angel Tech and the Mothership. Thanks and respect to the Blue Note massive. Kallisti: dedicated to the Prettiest One. Nothing is true, everything is permitted. Government Stealth Warning: this flyer may seriously damage your conformity. Ninja Tune: Food for the Sole.