The Dragons ‘B.F.I.’

  • RELEASED: August 2007
  • CAT No.: ZEN135 / ZENCD135
  • DESIGN: Openmind
  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Don Landee
  • EXTRA ZEN: ninjatune page / BUY

One of the greatest things to come out of the ‘Now, Listen Again’ mix CD was the connection with Dennis Dragon of west coast band The Dragons. We licensed their track ‘Food For My Soul’ from the surf soundtrack ‘A Sea For Yourself’ directly from him and he sent us a whole album of unreleased tracks from the same sessions which Ninja eagerly snapped up for release. Not only did Dennis have tracks from the time, he had over 30 photos taken during the sessions and a wealth of sleeve notes from reminisces to lyrics to technical data. This all helped to flesh out a package and set it firmly in the time it originated.

The one element they were missing was a logo for the band so I set about crafting one taking west coast artists like Wes Wilson, Rick Griffin and Victor Moscoso as inspiration. I’ve long been a fan of psychedelic art and remember making my own screen printed De La Soul T-shirt for 3 Feet High & Rising back in art college in the 80’s where I drew my own typography in a west coast style. I decided to make a circular logo that had the letters make up the body of a Dragon with the wings framing them, a dragons head centre and a winding tail falling down below. This went through a number of revisions until I found the best solution for it and I wanted it to be the centrepiece of the cover with the studio images positioned around it.