Herbie Hancock ‘The Solid Steel Interview’


  • He was on a trip to promote his new record with Bill Laswell, 'The Future', and, after quizzing him about this, we delved back far into his 70's incarnations asking all kinds of trainspottery questions about lost soundtracks, sampling, 'Sextant' and Sesame Street. You could not hope for a more gracious and forthcoming subject and he really got into things by the end, having to be virtually dragged from the studio by his PA in order not to miss his next appointment.

    The final programme was a full on collaboration between DK and I as we pooled our collections and found all the different pieces of the jigsaw that would illustrate the interview he had given us. The cover of the CD was made up of slices from all of the records we discussed, each one showing part of a face from the original cover. DK liked it so much he had me make up a poster for his studio and we made a small run of CDs as before, one of which we sent to Herbie but we don't know if he ever received it.

  • To say DK and I were excited about this meeting would be an understatement of galactic proportions only equaled by the size of Herbie’s afro in the seventies. From our first encounter with him via ‘Rockit’ (along with virtually every B-Boy-to-be outside of the States in the 80’s) to his jazz, electronic, funk and disco eras we would later discover, this was a very big deal.


RELEASED: Apr 2002
LABEL: n/a
CAT NO.: n/a
MIXERS: DK, Strictly Kev
GUESTS: Herbie Hancock of course!
SPOTTERS DELIGHT: A handful of CDR copies with covers exist
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