Kraftwerk in NYC past and present

Most Kraftwerk fans will have heard about their residency at New York’s MOMA this coming April. For those fortunate enough to go, there is unfortunately a 2 ticket/show limit.

Hitler took this particularly badly

This incredible photo popped up on Facebook today, the caption reads: “Kraftwerk at the Ritz. 1981. I was the Dj at this show. Amazing. I invited Afrika Bambaataa to the show. The rest is history.” Photo by Laura Levine who has taken photos of pretty much anyone who is anyone in music

5 thoughts on “Kraftwerk in NYC past and present

  1. I was pleased to be there. From the balcony the energy had a Tesla crackle. I had already become a fan of Trans-Europe Express when it was fresh from The Record Plant. They truly did usher in a new era.

  2. I think that is me in the lower right with my hand raised. This was a great show. At one point, they closed the curtain. When it re-opened there were twice as many band members on stage! It took a while to pick out the dummies.
    This must be the song Pocket Calculator in progress.

  3. Great photo. If that had been taken at the then Hammersmith Odeon on that tour I might have been in the picture dressed in a borrowed black leather box jacket, homemade red tartan 20 pleat bowie baggies and a red C&A shirt customised with lace, heh heh! That would be the encore of Pocket Calculator they played. It was so wonderful when they all stepped out from behind the KlingKlang consoles. I am so tempted to go crazy and try to buy tickets despite not having the money…

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