2000ad week #4: Kevin O’Neill Mek Memoirs fanzine 1976

More Kevin O’Neill work, this time, pre-2000ad (for which he first became art director before drawing Ro-Busters, ABC Warriors, Dredd and Nemesis the Warlock). This was a 12 page fanzine from ’76 which apparently told robot war tales and has been on my wants list for what seems like forever.
Last week a copy came up on eBay, the first time I’d ever seen one listed in over a decade, I missed out to a higher bidder who was willing to shell out over £50 for a copy. Here’s the cover and one interior page, the most I can find of it on the net.

One thought on “2000ad week #4: Kevin O’Neill Mek Memoirs fanzine 1976

  1. Wow. Great find, Kev – and good luck with your hunt for a copy. There’s something really, really special about early O’Neill, and I’d love to see more of this…

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