The main reason to watch Captain America 2

I’ve shamelessly stolen this from Steve Cook‘s Secret Oranges site. This version of Black Widow may not be pleasing the purists online but, as a Scarlett fan, all I can say is, ‘Damn!’.

Looks like they seriously upped the budget on this one too after the success of The Avengers.

2 thoughts on “The main reason to watch Captain America 2

  1. It’s interesting that the poster makers got dissed last time for putting her in the butt to camera pose so this time they’ve just gone, ‘well here she is boys’. She’s gorgeous, why not show that off?
    Got my Kaneda bike book the other day, I’ll try too but it might take a while.

  2. It’s a pretty great poster and you don’t see too many of them of the official mainstream type these days. I find it partly amusing and partly depressing how Teh Internets are picking it apart due to Scarlett being over ‘shopped. Really, when was the last time you saw a movie poster that wasn’t? And it’s hardly the most egregious example out there.

    ps. I’ve decided to build my own LEGO Kaneda Bike. Most parts are easy to find apart from the large red dishes that make the wheel covers are pretty rare.

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