A message from NYC

Appalled, saddened and depressed by the events in Connecticut yesterday I tweeted that if my performance in Brussels last night was lacking it was because it was the last place I wanted to be after hearing about such atrocities. Finding the enthusiasm to go and rock a club for 2 hours after hearing such news was hard but pales into insignificance next to what the friends and families of those caught up in the tragedy must be going through.

I went to sleep thinking about it and woke up with it immediately in mind. I was sent this message by Christoper Whipple early this morning and it helped to brighten up the day a little:

“i wasn’t in brussels, but i saw your tweet about it and felt inspired to share this:

i remember back in 2001, the shock of 9/11 was still pretty fresh for us in nyc, but late that november there was an amazing (dare i say, purifying?) show of tremendous energy and resolve. i remember waiting to get in, a bunch of us were mulling over what would take the place of vadim’s terrorist track – or if you’d keep it in the set. the get ur freak on mix was perfect – i remember it with such clarity. that was the first time i really felt alive again after that whole tragedy.

thanks for that.”

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