ABC Warriors 1/12th scale Mongrol now on sale from 3A

Now up for pre-order from Ashley Wood’s 3A company – a 1/12th scale Mongrol from the ABC Warriors, the 1/6th version was way too expensive for me but this clocks in at $55 plus postage.

4 thoughts on “ABC Warriors 1/12th scale Mongrol now on sale from 3A

  1. I’m hoping it’s not Happy Shrapnel, never a great character, I figure it will be
    either the new Steelhorn or Mek Quake?

  2. Heh, but what’s your guess for the final line-up for the Meknificent Seven? If The Mess doesn’t count, and Ro-Jaws was sold under the ABC Warriors tag, but not numbered as one of the Seven..? Ash seems to be keeping to the original McMahon / O’Neill designs, so maybe we’ll get Happy Shrapnel and Steelhorn instead of Terri / Morrigun / Mek-Quake. Ah, ignore me – feeling extra geeky today and Space Maths is always fun :-)

  3. I’m going with the 1/12th for a full set (if it ever happens) Hammerstein next apparently, RoJaws in 1/6th looked OK but was never my favourite bot

  4. I jumped at this one; the shift from 1/6 to 1/12 is really impressive in terms of retention of details and paint application. I picked up the 1/6 version, plus the mini Black Hole version when someone offered to get me one at the Hong Kong event. (The 1/12 scale pair are destined for my boys when they become a little less… Smushy.) Hammerstein next (both scales?)

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