Ashley Wood Iron Man prototype

Can’t wait to see the final colourway versions of this design, as Ash Wood says himself on the first fruit of his hook up with Marvel:

“I thought I would share some prototype images of our IRON MAN with you guys ( We have some nifty colorways to show you soon ) I’m having a killer time designing Marvel Universe characters, getting to play with iconic characters is pretty amazing. I still remember reading IRON MAN 200 as a kid, dreaming of being a Marvel comic artist etc, never did I think I would have a toy company and the chance to make my own! I should mention that Marvel has been nothing but supportive and hands-off, I’ll tell you that its a rare thing with such popular and well known characters! After Iron Man we have Doc Doom, Ultron and Spiderman and his Pal, actually many more, but I wanna keep some surprises!”

“He could do with some armour on his legs” was the comment from my kids on this one.


One thought on “Ashley Wood Iron Man prototype

  1. They’ll sell like hot cakes, I’m sure. Still, I’m holding out for the next 2000AD release – whenever that may be…

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