‘Battlestation Z’

BattlestationZ_Front2 Some detailed shots of my (late) entry to the Cosmic Flush exhibition at the Magda Danysz Gallery just before Xmas. This has now been taken down but will hopefully be traveling to New York in the spring with the other pieces for the second leg of the show. ‘Battlestation Z’ is inspired by Rammellzee‘s homemade Garbage God outfits, built from parts of old model kits, toys, records, CDs and even a turntable head shell into a 3D construction that partly takes its title from his old home studio. Including laser-cut perspex discs spelling out his name, album and Iconoclast Panzerism / Gothic Futurism theories, it builds in layers of debris towards a futuristic insectoid/robotic shaman character at the head.BattlestationZ_Full
BattlestationZ_Head BattlestationZ_frontdetailBattlestationZ_TorsoBattlestationZ_Above
BattlestationZ_Detail1BattlestationZ_Detail2 BattlestationZ_Detail4 BattlestationZ_Detail5BattlestationZ_Detail6
BattlestationZ_Lside BattlestationZ_Rside   BattlestationZ_TopdownBattlestationZ_Headside BattlestationZ_TopUp BattlestationZ_Headless BattlestationZ_HeadOn

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