Brian Bolland Forbidden Planet illustrations

BollandFPgang(Above) A rare Brian Bolland image for Forbidden Planet sans the “People Like Us Shop At…” line. (Below) An even older advert when FP was in Denmark St.
UPDATE: Martin Ward just sent me several snaps of original bags he still has. The one of the old man in the circle is one of my favourites, would love to have that on a T-shirt. That bottom one of Zirk for Eternal Comics may well be Garry Leach actually, not Bolland.

Further Update: I found this in an old sketchbook and in an effort to keep these things together, have include it below Brian Bolland FP flyer

3 thoughts on “Brian Bolland Forbidden Planet illustrations

  1. I’ve still got some of the original shop bags, including Bolland’s FP2 artwork as well, they helped make Forbidden Planet as popular as it was when it started. Compare these beauties to the boring bags the shop uses now…

  2. I walk past 23 Denmark St most mornings on my way to work. I have to suppress my nostalgia every time.

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