Brian Lewis from Harry Harrison’s ‘Mechanismo’

Lewis Love MachineLove the psychedelic background, the way Brian has signed ‘Lewis’ bottom right and just look at that 3D op-art typeface on the book cover below. I found this book for £4 in the Notting Hill Book exchange last week after being alerted to it by members of the Brian Lewis fan page on Facebook.

A real oddity of a book, cobbled together under different themes with random images from artists as diverse as Giger, Achilleos, Burns and Foss etc. held together with a narrative from Harrison. Several Star Wars concept paintings by Ralph McQuarrie feature as well for some reason and Lewis illustrates several weapons from the film as well. Here’s another image by Brian that was posted on the group, taken from David Kyle‘s ‘The Illustrated book of Science Fiction Ideas & Dreams’, Hamlyn 1977.From David Kyle's 'The Illustrated book of Science Fiction Ideas & Dreams', Hamlyn 1977

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3 thoughts on “Brian Lewis from Harry Harrison’s ‘Mechanismo’

  1. Yes I have this, got it as a child near enough when it was published. No idea how or who from. It’s a bit battered now with a couple of pages lost but the memory of leafing through it constantly at the time, bewildered, remains!

  2. Cool! I did not know about this one. I have Planet Story by Harry Harrison story with art by Jim Burns art (Paper Tiger) , some of his best work imo. I can highly recommend that and it’s not too difficult to find either these days.

  3. According to Hampton Fancher, ‘Mechanismo’ was a big influence on his ‘Dangerous Days’ script, pre-Ridley Scott.

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