Canterbury Carboot bargain

I played at the Farmhouse in Canterbury on Saturday and had an excellent night (thanks Sean, Victoria and James) – try the excellent food on the menu courtesy of chef Rob if you’re in the area.

On Sunday morning I went to a local carboot sale and found this gem for 20 English pence. Apart from the beautiful cover it features excellent Radiophonic Workshop pieces on the B side from John Baker and Delia Derbyshire, including ‘New World’, which is better known to a generation of 70’s school kids for it’s closing seconds which were used for the theme to John Craven’s Newsround.

MMM frontMMM back

One thought on “Canterbury Carboot bargain

  1. Canterbury FTW :)
    Nice find – I’ve got a couple of those BBC Movement, Mime & Music LPs, although none with such groovy looking artwork.

    I can still smell the school hall, and picture the huge wooden speaker with gold speaker covering and huge chicken-head volume knob from whence such sounds would emanate …

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