Cheeba After School Special excerpt

I’m very pleased to be able to feature a little exclusive clip for DJ Cheeba’s After School Special AV event which debuts on Friday in Bristol at the Cube Cinema. Even more exciting is that it features one of my own tracks interspersed with Tim Buckley and Luke Vibert. Nice company to be in. The whole concept is an educational look at drugs from both sides and is more of a sit down affair than a club gig.

4 thoughts on “Cheeba After School Special excerpt

  1. Stoked you like it Kev. As you know, i’ve played this track and all its remixes to death and will probably continue to do so. “Do you trip out” was enough of a reference point for me to use it in the LSD chapter and think it works really well as “the peak”… especially with the strobe. Looking fwd to the reaction in a dark cinema!

    ps. Tim Buckley – Hallucinations

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