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Mar 13 2014

iVCS3 by Jonny Trunk

Well this is extremely cool – Jonny Trunk has dipped his toe into the app world and come up with an official EMS VCS3 emulator for the iPad! And it looks fantastic, well it would because it has the interface of a VSC3 (or a bastardised multi-screen version). More info here or you can buy it here.

In Jonny’s own words: “A few years ago I thought the idea of a VCS3 app was a good one. So I got permission to get one made. It’s taken ages. Here it is. It’s awesome, extraordinarily deep too, and with features form the suitcase Synthi too. And hopefully updates will be available with Radiophonic patches etc created by original Radiophonic superstars. Dead exciting.”

Longer tour and review here

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