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Feb 4 2013

Themes For Great Cities

After visiting Dusseldorf last month and being introduced to the Themes For Great Cities vinyl-only label from the city I can’t get enough of certain releases from them. Wolf Muller produces the kind of afro-centric beat driven electronica I’m sure exists but never seem to find. His ‘Lagerfeuer Tanz EP’ is a fantastic 4 track trip into an undiscovered land where shamanic drum rituals have been picking up broadcasts of minimal techno mixtapes and weaving them into their own groove.

The multi-artist ‘Mogul 2′ 12″ has a motorik mix of retro electronica courtesy of four different bands and comes in a striking Neu! 2-homaging sleeve. A mysterious 10″ under the title ‘Edits Des Amateurs’ features three rhythm tracks oozing pure funk but never much deviating from their mission to stay in the pocket until they reach their destination.

The sleeves are screen-printed and stamped in collaboration with the local Slowboy record store, which has one of the finest collections of music old and new I’ve ever seen. Check out some of the releases below and visit their Soundcloud for more.

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  1. Very nice, thanks for the heads up, will investigate the label further. Are you acquainted with Jan Jelinek’s two 12″s as Farben from 2010/11 (Farben and Xango)? I think there’s a good correlation there. I featured his beautiful Ursula Bogner book recently on Hard Format: Great name for a label, makes me want to dig out that Simple Minds album again.

    Comment by Colin on February 8, 2013 at 10:48 am

  2. I’d read about that set before but never got round to investigating, thanks for reminding me

    Comment by kev on February 8, 2013 at 11:06 am


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