DKW comic by Sergio Ponchione

DKW DitkoThis is an interesting comic I picked up the other week out of curiosity. It’s a one-off ode to the masters of the art – Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko and Wally Wood – by Sergio Ponchione who’s a new name to me. He manages to give a brief overview of each artist’s career, contributions to the medium and personal life whilst channeling a little of their style as he explains their importance to a budding young illustrator who’s not familiar with their work.

It’s an oddity whose only weakness is its shortness, this could have been expanded to 3 issues easily. As a love letter to the three creators it’s charming though, search it out as I will be doing for his 4 issue comic, Grotesque from Fantagraphics. Annoyingly it seems he was in London at Gosh Comics not 10 days again discussing the comic but I missed it.


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