First full look at Pacific Rim’s Jaeger robots

The first trailer drops on Dec 10th but here’s a look at the Gipsy Danger monster-fighting Jaeger bot from Guillermo Del Toro’s forthcoming Pacific Rim film, due out next July. The silhouette of a human at the bottom shows the scale of it.

And now there’s a second one, a Russian ‘Cherno Alpha‘ bot, there are also a couple of teaser films doing the rounds and ‘leaked documents’ relating to these blueprints.

And then there were four five: that’s some BIG robot action next year

4 thoughts on “First full look at Pacific Rim’s Jaeger robots

  1. Pacific Rim with a certian director attached I hope will be excellent. Del Toro illustrations and ideas always look attactive and out of this world.

  2. yeah, I think they’re a combination of that, Gundam and Shogun Warrior-type mechs, not derivative of any my in the same spirit

  3. Maybe it’s just me but I can’t help notice the similarities between these massive robots and the Eva’s in Neon Genesis Evangelion

  4. Charlie, hero of Northpool, would still kick all their arses. And then make us all cry. Still, will be interesting to see how this shapes up!

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