Flexibition# 20: DJ Food ‘Discovery Workshop’

Flex20_food flexi 3
An easy one this, my own entry from the limited edition ‘comic book’ edition of ‘The Search Engine’ album package. I always wanted to do a flexi disc with my own music on but they stopped manufacturing them right around the time I was getting round to it. Wind forward a decade and I have an album and a reason to make one just as they are coming back into circulation. It seems fitting that this track’s title was pinched from another flexi disc in the first place, a happy coincidence rather than forward planning. I felt that the track didn’t fit on the album but wanted to include it somehow, especially with its reference to “a little short playing record like one of these”.


This little short playing record is transparent with silver print and was stapled inside the book version of the album with a serrated edge which could be torn to remove the disc. I don’t recall exactly how many there are but they appeared in the first batch of books and once they were gone that was it so some copies won’t have flexi’s.

Flex20_DJ Food ZENBK176X inside flexi 2

Seeing as they originally came in sealed bags it’s hard to tell if buying a new copy. The track did actually appear on the ‘Magpies, Maps & Moons’ EP in exactly the same form so it is available but, truth be told, it’s a bit of a mess, far too much going on, a very confused arrangement. Some kind soul has put it up on YouTube and gone to the trouble to edit a video to it with a few NSFW moments too!

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  1. Cool not heard this as its still in the book as it suits the page behind it. Nice idea witht he clear flexidisc and the image on the page nice work.

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