Flexibition #21: Kid Koala ’15 Blues Bits’ – 5″ Flexi + DIY turntable


Staying with Ninja Tune this week, here’s Kid Koala‘s entry and, as ever, he’s doing it his way. Not only is the flexi only 5″ in size but it comes with a construct-it-yourself hand-powered turntable! Free with early copies of his ’12 Bit Blues’ album this features a track, narration and scratch parts – possibly the shortest ‘battle record’ ever. There was also a competition on the album’s release to win a Rane TTM62 mixer with contestants asked to upload their best routines using the parts on the flexi. I’ve no idea who won but it’s the kind of thing only Eric San could dream up.

Here’s a short advert for the album with the turntable animatedly building itself…

…and here’s the full audio from the disc

One thought on “Flexibition #21: Kid Koala ’15 Blues Bits’ – 5″ Flexi + DIY turntable

  1. I remember building the turntable when this came out, unfortunately without great success. But with enough success to make it worthwhile.

    There’s always that tentative consideration of whether to leave it in mint condition, but I’ve learned to ignore that voice over the years. If Kid Koala went to the trouble of putting all this together, the least I can do is roll my sleeves up and give it a go. Besides, it has ‘bonus scratch sounds’ – who in their right mind could resist that?

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