Flexibition #32: The Human League ‘Fast’ flexi + Vinyl Factory film

Flex32_HumanLeagueFastKeeping with a pop group theme for August (The The were last week) here’s a flexi disc about flexi discs and Russian manned space flight with no actual music on it. Given away free with early copies of The Human League (Mk.1)‘s ‘Dignity of Labour’ 12″, it’s an untitled disc which is sometimes known as the ‘Fast flexi’ due to the label it was released on and consists of Oakey, Ware and Craig-Marsh talking in the studio with their manager about what exactly they should include on the free disc.

It’s briefly mentioned in a short film recorded at my studio the other month by The Vinyl Factory for their new series, The Enthusiast, and you can catch a glimpse of various discs from my collection that have already been featured plus a few yet to come…
(Warning, I do swear right at the start and if you want to hear the porno flexi that plays briefly in full, it’s here)

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