Hellboy – The Fury

Just finished this and I waited until I had all 3 issues before reading any. Absolutely amazing, the sense that England is being destroyed in an end-of-the-world scenario is very well done by artist Duncan Fregredo. I’ve been scooping up all the Hellboy books this year and reading one a month to play catch up as I stopped buying it years back, well worth it.

Even more exciting is the news that series creator and original artist Mike Mignola is going to be back drawing the comic again after years on just writing duties, also that the book he’ll draw will be called ‘Hellboy in Hell’.


2 thoughts on “Hellboy – The Fury

  1. Glad to read I’m not the only one who waits until I’ve got the full set of a Hellboy/BPRD story before reading them all at once! The artists may have changed from time to time but I cannot recommend any of the “From The Pages Of Hellboy” titles highly enough.

    I also hear Mr. Mignola is bringing The Amazing Screw On Head back soon as well, fantastic.

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