Jodorowsky’s Dune documentary now available in the US

I saw this a few weeks back now and haven’t had time to post about it but I thought it was great. Fascinating, eye-opening and unexpectedly funny, Jodorowsky is an engaging, immediately likeable madman. He was present at the screening for a Q&A session afterward too and held the room enthralled. Some of his stories are so crazy they can’t possibly be true but they make for such an engaging sequence of events that you can’t help but go with his vision.

I can’t recommend this documentary enough and look forward to the Blu-ray with 45 minutes of extras when it gets released. It’s out in the US already and the European release isn’t far behind apparently. Word is that there is also a soundtrack release planned, the film was packed full of excellent synthy sci-fi sounds (maybe too many actually, my only negative comment on the film is that the soundtrack switched virtually ever scene it seemed).

See the Facebook page for locations where it’s playing at cinemas near you.


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