Kraftweek 8 – Consolation nights in Cardiff & Glasgow

By now, the word is out, there are limited ‘returns’ tickets on the door of the Tate and, if you’re prepared to stand in the cold for an hour or two and queue, you have a good chance of scoring one for the shows left. That’s all well and good if you live in London or can afford a trip on the off chance that you might be lucky. But it’s a poke in the eye for all who can’t and spent the best part of their day on the phone trying to get tickets last December. With this in mind two nights have sprung up so that fans can take matters into their own hands and dictate as if they were the group themselves – ‘tonight Matthew, I’m going to be in… Kraftwerk’.

The first one takes place on March 1st in Cardiff:

Eight different live ensembles play the songs of Kraftwerk to ease the disappointment of being unable to get tickets to see them in London.

We couldn’t get tickets either. The touts and scalpers got there first. You could buy a ticket from some disgraceful profiteer, but here’s a more appealing way to enjoy some Kraftwerk.

Live bands of Cardiff musicians, both unknown and well-established, will celebrate Kraftwerk with a night to remember at Chapter Arts Centre.

Bring your own robots.”

The Rules / Application form: here

Tickets: £7/£5 concessions, now on sale at Chapter.

More information: contact us by email or telephone Cardiff 2031 1904.

Twitter: @kraftwerknight

and here’s another that’s sprung up in Glasgow two days later after seeing the Cardiff idea and deciding to do their own version:

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