Metal Made Flesh comic Kickstarter

Some of you may remember an independent comic I posted about earlier this year called Metal Made Flesh by a small company named Subversive. I thought the first issue was very promising, with great art and an original story but 6 months later and still no second issue.

They’ve now got a Kickstarter online to help them finish the last two issues with comics, T shirts and the chance to have your likeness drawn into the comic as incentives. The idea is to do three inter-connecting origin stories – Metal, Made and Flesh – that cross over and act as springboards for future adventures. If you like a mix of sci-fi and body horror then this will be up your street with influences such as Moebius, 2000ad and Katsuhiro Otomo prominent.

*UPDATE : I’m pleased to say they made their target in less than 4 days!

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