Mister Jason – Son of Frankensteez EP

Out next week but having a release party this Halloween night in Boston is Mister Jason‘s Frankensteez project’s latest release – ‘Son of Frankensteez’. Anyone who caught the original limited Frankensteez 10″ will know the instant classic ‘Mister Jason Has A Posse’, a rap tune where 26 different rappers take a letter of the alphabet for four bars and let rip using as many words starting with their given letter as possible.

‘Son of…’s’ opening track ups the ante even further with DJ Format‘s remix where he swaps a classic break underneath each rapper at the same time. Also featured on the EP are remixes and production by The Herbaliser, Rain and J-Zone. The clear vinyl is limited to 500 copies and available to pre-order via UGHH.com, digital is via iTunes and there’s a whole album on Amazon.

They’ve knocked up this great video for the original ‘Mister Jason…’ track too.

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