12 thoughts on “New album from Kraftwerk this summer!

  1. There is always feverish that do not support a joke. Let them continue with their anger. Thanks for the KKK … waiting for the number 8. Salute from Chile.

  2. Kraftwerk seemed to like the joke, of course it is an April Fool, I like the idea that DJ Hungry comes to DJ Food’s blog, I’m 41 by the way

  3. Ahhhh, wouldn’t it be nice. Thanks for all the Kover Kollections, I guess those will have to do until then…

  4. OK – with 1 minute left (11:59pm ET) I got REELED IN! Good One! With all respect to those who took it seriously (I know, it hurts to struggle for the MoMA tickets), I had to laugh at the fact I got ‘fooled’ at the bitter end. Thx for your amazing Kover mixes!

  5. Very funny, stupid. Typical stupid joke on April 1st. Are you fifteen or older? Only to know your stupidity level.

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