Nick Egan and the making of the ‘Duck Rock’ LP cover

Nice interview with Nick Egan over on the Album Cover Hall of Fame blog about the design process for Malcolm McLaren‘s ‘Duck Rock’ LP. Easily one of my favourite records of all time along with being a pivotal influential moment in my musical upbringing. With artists such as Dondi White, Keith Haring and Vivienne Westwood‘s wares vying for space on the sleeve it’s a wonder it all hangs together but somehow it does. I wish the interview had gone into the making of the ‘Duck Rocker’ boombox a little as I’d love to know who made it and where it is now.


6 thoughts on “Nick Egan and the making of the ‘Duck Rock’ LP cover

  1. Hi Ron West! Do you still have it? I’d love to see a picture of the current condition. I may know about another one of yours.

  2. Thanks very much for the kind words about my interview with Nick. He’s done a number of well-known covers, but this one, with the participation of Haring, Dondi, etc, really stood out. We try and publish new interviews regularly, so please visit often. Regards, Mike G,

  3. Would love to know where the blaster was now too.

    It was great to hear ‘Double Dutch’ played on TV for months too!

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