Originals # 11 • Kevin O’Neill – Metalzoic Page 20


Kevin O’Neill‘Raging Armageddon’ illustration, 1986

(440 x 330 mm, black ink on art board).

Metalzoic Page 20, DC comics, later reprinted in 2000ad.

2 thoughts on “Originals # 11 • Kevin O’Neill – Metalzoic Page 20

  1. Yeah :) I have about 10 pages from it now, I’ll be putting the others up over time. The thing about original artwork it that the beauty of it is in the details sometimes, not something you can always see from a small image on the screen.

    Got another nice O’Neill piece to share in the future too that no one has seen yet…

  2. Awesome stuff from O’Neill. It’s criminal that Metalzoic hasn’t been in print for so many years. The original, coloured, DC version isn’t half as good as the B&W ‘bog paper’ version we got in 2000AD… Crying out for a decent new edition (and at least we know where most of the original art is when they need to sort out repro – hah!). Fantastic art, Kev – thanks for sharing!

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