Originals #15 • Andy Dog – Soul Mining

Andy ‘Dog’ Johnson ‘Soul Mining’, 1983

(330 x 230 mm, ink and gouache on art board)

The The album press ad artwork, Some Bizarre.

3 thoughts on “Originals #15 • Andy Dog – Soul Mining

  1. Yeah, the artwork is so tied up with my early memories of listening to The The I can’t really separate the two. The Infected 12″ smokebelch mentioned is one of the few bits of vinyl I have one the shelves (all the rest being in storage). That’s a very cool bit of art to have, Kev!

  2. Have to agree with Rob, was such a shame all of Andy Dog’s amazing artwork had been relagated to the liner notes on the reissues. Always seemed such an integral part of The The.
    Don’t have much vinyl left in my collection, but still have all my The The 12″ mostly just for the great sleeves! And gotta love the ‘Masterbating Devil’ withdrawn 12″ for Infected :)

  3. I have to say, I was a bit disappointed when Matt started remastering and reissuing the albums but didn’t include the original artwork… like this! I don’t know what he was thinking. Nice one!

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