Red Skull Incarnate by David Aja

Love this Red Skull cover, don’t know who it’s by it’s by David Aja (thanks JB) – check his blog here for more.  Here are a few more things from him in a similar vein. Nice to see comics quietly catching up on the graphic design side of things. I just found it whilst looking for something else, hmmm, 3 skulls in the last five posts.

4 thoughts on “Red Skull Incarnate by David Aja

  1. I saw these the other day… had to do a double take, thought someone was unloading their an old collection or something.. :) Great covers!

  2. these are truly beautiful. i used to read a lot of marvel back in the day. time to get back in the swing of things…

  3. Thanks JB, great work, I see he’s done a few Red Skulls for a mini series and some similar things for Daredevil and Iron Man. Will update the blog.

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