Ted McKeever’s ‘Pencil Head’

Pencilhead1+2Ted McKeever fans – he’s been back making comics on his own terms for a while now but Pencil Head might just be the best yet. A thinly disguised McKeever is a main character in a career-referencing look at life as a comic creator working in the industry. He’s pursued by his own personal demon and there’s all sorts of other weirdness going on in a strip peppered with the kind of oddball characters he does best.

Past works get referenced (Transit, Metropol, Eddy Current and more) which make it a joy for the fans to spot the little cameos. It’s only 2 issues in but it’s a lot more fun than his recent angst-ridden output. A one of a kind comic creator making a book about being just this in an industry that wants everyone to fit the same mold.

One thought on “Ted McKeever’s ‘Pencil Head’

  1. Thanks for recommending this: I used to love the early McKeever stuff. Plastic Forks was a favourite.

    Even though it was great that the big imprints kept on putting out his stuff over the last decade and a half, it did get a bit samey and I tuned out a while ago. I’ll pick this up though.

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