The other side of Henry Flint

Having handled a fair bit of Henry’s artwork over the past few years it’s always interesting to see that he’s entirely un-precious about it, many pages arriving with other doodles or even finished images decorating the reverse sides.
I started scanning some of these as they were really quite good and I knew that I’d have to give the artwork back at some stage (these were mainly pages from ‘Broadcast’).
When I put the idea of showing some of these to him he promptly sent me a folder with a load more! So, here for your perusal, is a peek over the page, literally, at the other side of Henry Flint‘s work.

For more like this, see the aforementioned book, ‘Broadcast’ or check Henry’s site. He recently had an operation and used his time to draw his surroundings whilst in hospital.


2 thoughts on “The other side of Henry Flint

  1. Got your mail and re-sent the list… If it still doesn’t get through, just suggest an alternate address, maybe.

  2. Broadcast is wonderful – amazingly interesting and inspiring at the same time. Henry Flint = One Man Art Collective. I can’t think of many artists who seem constantly to generate such absorbing ideas and fantastic art; he rivals Brendan McCarthy for sheer inventiveness.

    And Kev – did that list ever get through to you? I seemed to run into some spam-blockage issues…

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