The Shaolin Cowboy by Geof Darrow

Just finished reading The Shaolin Cowboy* (no.4 of 4) and all I can think is that Geof Darrow (the writer and artist) is insane. There is no book out there like this and to give the plot away would be pointless, to even tell you what vaguely happens would spoil the experience completely.
I take my hat off to him because only a madman would have drawn what he has drawn, to say it’s an achievement is an understatement but to what end I have no idea. I don’t even know if I enjoyed it as, once it gets going, it’s relentless in pace and action and leaves far more questions than answers. This is something that will divide people who read it – although it’s more about looking than reading – and it’s almost too much to read in one go.
The man is insane, but in the most creative way, few can do what he can and even less would choose to do what he’s done here.

* this is a new series of 4, just released by Dark Horse, separate from the 7 issues previously released, which are equally as impressive but, maybe, not quite as insane.

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