Training Days – The Subway Artists Then and Now book

Due out September or mid-October (depending on what you read online), ‘Training Days’ catches up with the characters and writers who populated the scene during the early 80’s when Henry Chalfort, Martha Cooper and James Prigoff were documenting the New York graffiti scene in book and film with ‘Subway Art’ and ‘Style Wars’.

Interviews by Chalfont and Sacha Jenkins find out who did what and how the movement changed their lives when graffiti was catapulted into the international spotlight 30 years ago. The 176 page hardback has B&W and colour images plus interviews with writers like Lady Pink, Kel, Jon One, Skeme, Daze and more. It looks like it will be a perfect addition to Subway and ‘Spraycan Art’, making it a neat trilogy after 30 years.
Seems like you can only pre-order if from A*az*n at the moment unfortunately but it’s a bargain at under £10 so if you have no qualms with dealing with them, go here.

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