17-200x200I just finished Bill Drummond‘s book 17 at the weekend, it affected me quite a bit and opened up a can of worms I think will be a running theme for some time. The third DJ Food EP – ‘Finyl : The Death of Vinyl’ – was already going to deal with some of these thoughts but I feel it will become much bigger than that.

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  1. i’m on thin ice here. but does the old/old music that still gets played,lose its wonder? i do not think so. it’s hundreds of years old and it still does the trick(for me).

    the other thing being is that a band still has to play the same thing night after night so it only frees the punter not the band. nothing changes for the band. which takes punk away and we go back to following the score.
    i’m typing pish?

  2. I do like that idea yes, without that half my income dries up! :) But seriously, I like site specific stuff although I think not making recordings of performances is a little ridiculous.

  3. have they? going to edinburgh tomorrow so i’ll get that. ta.
    by the way i’m still getting my rocks off to “go for blue”
    my girl says “HELLO FROM ME”
    can’t say much more till i’ve read it.
    but do you like the idea that you have to go somewhere to hear something and that being the only way of hearing it?

  4. back from the library and the computer says “no”
    i’ll have to buy it then. i liked 45.
    the peter green thing happened to me.
    i was in my local pub not a plane.

  5. God, I should check my spelling before I post! Yes, I think we’re on the same page here but 17 is about so much more than this idea. It becomes a lot about Drummond himself I think in the end. More revealing than 45 as I remember and comes at a time when the music industry seems (from my perspective anyway) to be thrashing around in multi directions, trying to decide what to do with all this content.

  6. you passed my test.
    i would use the word “diluted”
    and i don’t mind the idea that you have to get off your bum and go and see something live. which would have to be through word of mouth because that was the only way of hearing about it. back to the source?

  7. I don’t know about ‘the killing of music’, more like music has become so available and hence lost so much ‘value'(not monetary but music is now disposable and lacking anything that binds it to you in the ways it used to). He main idea with the 17 is to experience the ‘music’ with no preconceived ideas and not final recording (all performances are recorded and then deleted after one playback).

  8. i’ve heard some of his talks on this(not that much) and as you say it will open cans of worms.
    is the art of recording charged with the killing of music?

  9. I recommend it if you think Drummond has something worth listening to, it’s gripping like 45 but in a different way

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