2000ad Prog 1830 cover

Opening the wrapper to my subscriber’s copy of next Wednesday’s 2000ad, I audibly gasped upon seeing the original (and my personal favourite) logo across the top. With retro fonts, aged paper and Ben-Day dot effects, the reinstated offworld credits and the 235p price tag (it was 8p when it launched in 1977), it bought a nostalgic smile to my face.

The reason for this jump back in time? A story inside exploring the niche genre of comics about comics, a fan finds a rare issue and tracks down the reclusive artist before making a shocking discovery. Also in this issue, Al Ewing and Henry Flint‘s Zombo has gone off the weirdness scale and they now inhabit the throne of bizarro, surrealist pop-culture quoting horror/humour that Brendan McCarthy vacated some years back.

One thought on “2000ad Prog 1830 cover

  1. That’s great; it’d be nice if 2000AD could throw a few more things like this into the mix now and again. I’m mainly thinking of those classic O’Neill covers that were so striking (and still are). Anyway, I’m away for another week or so, but looking forward to getting back to this one!

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