2000ad Prog 1900

Big ‘jumping on’ issue out today from 2000ad and another milestone reached at Prog (short from programme) 1900. This is to entice new readers to get on board, all new stories begin and to make it even easier for newbies they’ve released a free 97 page pdf featuring primer stories for the characters in the latest issue. Sure enough Dredd swallows half of it but it’s all good material and you can’t complain when it’s free.

I see so many people coming back to this comic after leaving it and after 37 years of weekly issues they’ve got to be doing something right – roll on Prog 2000. I also chuckled at the cover of the recent sister publication the Judge Dredd Megazine which arrived the same week as the Scottish Independence vote – classic Dredd from Glenn Fabry. Actually for all the great press 2000ad gets ‘the Meg’ is actually firing on all cylinders at the moment and well worth a look too.


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