23 Million Mu notes

A lovely package arrived just before Xmas from the people at the Cube Microplex in Bristol who recently put on the KLF-themed night. In amongst rafts of logos, printouts, programmes, DVDs and a USB stick was this packet of Million Mu notes I’d designed for the event. Two wads of 23 (nice) White and Black Room editions plus matches and a certificate topped off with part of a burnt fiver and the simple note, ‘enjoy!’. I have to say, the notes are beautifully printed and the same size as regular dollar bills. Top work all round.

2xMillionMuNotes  MillionMufrontMillinMuBackMillionMuBlackEdEnjoy

2 thoughts on “23 Million Mu notes

  1. I only have some for my archive left now I’m afraid Jason – The Cube Cinema in Bristol may be doing something with them this week though…

  2. Any chance i can buy one of each of these? I’m in the U.S.A. Can pay through paypal if yes. Thx

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