18 thoughts on “Artifacts #6

  1. where do you live kev? No reason. I just want to come visit. ::puts finger tips together and looks around all shady::

  2. It’s not my track to give away, if BOC don’t want it out there I’m not going to pirate their stuff, plenty of people doing that already. They gave it to me in good faith, as they did other things in the past.

  3. Man posting these images and sitting on this release is just plain mean. I know its only one track, but why not rip this so the rest of can have a decent quality copy of XYZ? It’s only been 15 years and counting. Guess with the Boc Maxima FLAC finally surfacing there’s always hope…

  4. Kev, you lucky git, you have XYZ in its best quality. Good for you!
    Cheers from Hungary!

  5. Hi Henry
    I don’t really want to scan the letter to be honest because it’s a personal thing and I’m not too sure I’d be that happy about letters I sent being made public like that. I’m sharing part of my collection here but the letter is a private thing I’m afraid.

  6. Kev, you are one of a few people that bring out the green eyed monster. Could you please scan the letter from Marcus? In this dry climate for BoC releases it’d be lapped up.


  7. A funny thing… I was at Cargo America when the original ‘Hi Scores’ 12″ came out on Skam, and I brought in as many copies as I could because I thought it was one of the most interesting things I’d heard in years at the time.. and we sold maybe 25 copies and couldn’t get shops to reorder, sat on them for months. Then all of the sudden we were getting orders we couldn’t even fill! :) I think I love pretty much everything they’ve done.

  8. THAT is a treasure! Speaking of, I would think (and hope) it’s about time for the boys to release something new…

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