DJ Food ‘Refried Food’


  • 1. Strange Taste
    2. Spiral (Dub)
    3. Freedom (Fila Brazillia Mix)
    4. Sexy Bits (Autechre Ae9v Mix)
    5. Scratch Yer Hed (Squarepusher mix)
    6. Mella (The Herbaliser Drive Faster Mix)
    7. Half Step (Dr. Rockit Mix)
    8. Turtle Soup (Wagon Christ Mix)
    9. Spiral (Tongue & Groove Mix)
    10. Dark Lady (Skint Mix)
    11. Dark River (The Angel Mix)
    12. Dark Blood (MLO Nu Blud 2 Mix)
    13. Consciousness (Ashley Beedle Cosmic Conscious mix)
    14. Taste Strange

    CD 2 of the 2003 Reissue:
    1 Fungle Junk (Lemon D Jazz Excursion Remix)
    2 Valves (Journeyman Mix)
    3 Consciousness (Ashley Beedle Unconsciousness Dub)
    4 Stop Phink (Hidden Chipsters Mix)
    5 Inosan (Neotropic Neohead Phone Head Fuck)
    6 Inosan (Black Devil Mix Part 1 - Cut By The Hand Of Ninja)
    7 Inosan (Black Devil Mix Part 2 - Cut By The Hand Of Ninja)
    8 Mr Scruff's Ninja Tune Megamix

  • It was decided to do a full DJ Food remix album after the first 2 ‘Refried Food’ 12″s had been released so they were repackaged with new artwork as the first double 12″ of 3 sets. These covers had 6 colours used in the printing rather than the usual 4.
    As well as regular CMYK there was also a layer for the main colour (Orange, Yellow or Burgundy) and one for an extra black that was unique for each of the covers and highlighted which mixes were available on that particular disc.


RELEASED: Feb 1996
REISSUED: Feb 2003
FORMAT: 2x12" / 2x12" + Lunchbox / CD / 2xCD
CAT NO.: ZEN21/1&2 / ZEN21/3&4 / ZEN21/5&6 / ZENCD21 / ZENCD21US
PRODUCERS: Matt Black, Jonathan More, PC, Paul Brook, Strictly Kev
REMIXERS: Ashley Beedle, Fila Brazillia, Autechre, MLO, Journeyman, Squarepusher, Coldcut, The Herbaliser, Wagon Christ, Lemon D, Dr Rockit, DJ Vadim, The Angel,  Neotropic, Midfield General, Tongue & Groove, Hidden Chipsters, Mr Scruff, Jeep Beat Collective
SPOTTERS DELIGHT: Limited quantities of vols. 5&6 came with a 'Lunchbox' to house all 6 12"s and different artwork. Also released by Shadow Records in the US / Canada (SDW0022-2). 2003 2xCD Canadian reissue (ZEN CD21US) contains a second CD of other remixes featured on the original 'Refried Food' vinyl that were omitted from the first CD