DJ Format & The Simonsound mix for Paris DJs

The Simonsound is Simon James and Matt Ford (DJ Format). Sometimes we make music together and sometimes alone and maybe that’s a bit confusing but we don’t mind as long as people enjoy the music. When we started making music together as The Simonsound we didn’t want people to associate it with the music of DJ Format because it is so completely different but eventually we decided to let people know and just judge for themselves. The mix is a selection of Psychedelic/Electric records from around the world collected by Matt and put together by Matt & Simon. DJ Format‘s new album A Statement Of Intent is due for release in Feb 2012. Reverse Engineering by The Simonsound is available on Vinyl,CD & MP3.” (DJ Format)

A new mix from DJ Format and Simon James from The Simonsound for the Paris DJs site. I was also lucky enough to here a remix Format has just finished for a forthcoming Soundsci release, Hip Hop is alive and well is all I can say.

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