Dust & Grooves 2 and Portables books

After being interviewed for the Dust & Grooves site over a decade ago and interviewing Kieran Hebden for the first book I have been heavily involved in the follow up – Dust & Grooves 2 with creator/photographer Eilon Paz. Accompanying him on many trips around the UK to interview noted collectors like Andy Votel, DJ Format, Alex Paterson, Zoe Baxter, Trevor Jackoson and Tom Ravenscroft was a treat and I also conducted a transatlantic interview with old friend Eric San aka Kid Koala. The full book contains way more and clocks in at 650 pages, to be released this October alongside a reprint of the first D&G volume with a new cover and also available in a 2 in 1 slipcased edition.

Not only that but Paz also shot a second book in parallel; Portables, a visual history of over 200 portable turntables from around the world – the guy is a machine. Also available this October, you can find out more about all these and sign up to be notified once they are up for pre-order over at the Dust & Grooves site. There’s more in the pipeline to come too so sign up to stay in the loop.
D&G 1

D&G 1+2

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