Flexibition #2: Space Sounds

*Flexibition_header4This beautiful 10″ flexi came in its own cover inside a minimal op-art box alongside a revolving ‘star wheel’ and build-it-yourself ‘space scope’ with slides. The set was published by National Geographic as the Our Universe Space Kit in 1980 and the ‘Space Sounds’ disc is a gold mine of spoken word samples and sounds exploring all sorts of cosmic phenomena.
Flex1_Space_Sounds1 Flex1_Space_Sounds2


The graphics are gorgeous and you can still pick these sets up on abebooks or eBay now and again, there’s also a companion hardback book that goes with it but won’t fit in the box (lid pictured at the bottom).
David M. Seager is credited with design and I think LaBoca hipped me to this a few years back, thanks to Jason Wehmhoener for pointing me in the direction of the audio online.
Flex1_Space_Sounds5 Flex1_Space_Sounds6 Flex2_Space_Sounds8Flex1_Space_Sounds7

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  1. That’s right, Trans Am used the same design as did Jack Dangers on one of his Sounds of the 20th Century flexi discs which I’ll be featuring later on

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