Flexibition 2016: Fermaley Flame Sings For Your Birthday

HBJohn front Found in the basement of a local South London record store and liberated to the surface this Brit oddity come complete with an envelope-style sleeve and a personalised birthday message (as long as your name is John). A quick google search reveals that versions for Charles, Annabel, Leslie, Anthony and Granny all existed with presumably many more too. Considering the amount of potential names to cater to and that each recording would have to be different it’s hard to think how this was a cost-effective idea.HBJohn back
‘Happy Birthday from Radio Wonderland’ states the bottom of the sleeve whilst Fermaley Flame (a cartoon-ish candle with his head on fire) sings for you. No idea who or what Radio Wonderland was but a quick search reveals an artist of the same name and not much else. On the reverse Fermaley plays the piano – careful you don’t get too close and reduce the thing to ash Ferm! Unfortunately mine only had the flexi disc inside but not the greeting card it was originally meant to come with, some also came with an ‘It’s My Birthday’ sticker.

HappyBirthdayJohn flexi

3 thoughts on “Flexibition 2016: Fermaley Flame Sings For Your Birthday

  1. I would LOVE to find one with “James”, as I had one in the 80s for a birthday.
    I bought one on ebay for “Granny” recently which is one of very few put up for sale on ebay etc.

  2. I have one for ‘Daniel’ that my grandparents gave me. It was my first ever record in a collection that now spans thousands!

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