Flexibition #22: Biz Markie ‘Bennie & The Jets’


Originally released with issue 2 of the Beastie Boys’ Grand Royal magazine and later to be found on their Sounds of Science’ Anthology compilation. The Biz stars on his own solo Grand Royal release, presumably backed by the Beasties, with the most rambling, drunken cover of Elton John‘s ‘Bennie & The Jets’ you’re ever likely to hear.

I once made the mistake of playing this version out in a club at the end of a night, thinking it was hilarious and everyone would get the joke. It didn’t go down as I expected. Here’s a live version of it being performed by Biz and the Beasties if you’re a glutton for punishment – warning: naked Biz-flesh!.

One thought on “Flexibition #22: Biz Markie ‘Bennie & The Jets’

  1. I absolutely love this track and often played it as an end of nighter. Not sure if people got it though, it did clear the floor very fast, so job done in one sense, I suppose. ;p

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