Flexibition #29: Living Music No.1

Flex29_Living Music coverAnother 8″ x 8.5″ magazine with discs inside for this week’s Flexibition, only this time they aren’t strictly flexi’s as the grooves are pressed into a thin layer that is fixed to the card pages similar to some of the playable post cards I’ve featured (and will feature) already. Living Music takes the same format as the previous Echo and Sonorama publications in that there’s a spindle hole through the centre of each page and they fold back with the ring binding so that the whole mag is placed on the turntable to play. There are only actually two records inside, with narration by Milton Cross about 10 sampled albums and the fidelity is suprisingly good but nothing to get excited about unfortunately.

It’s primarily a music magazine, highlighting releases and news of an audiophile nature, ‘converting your hi-fi to stereo’ is one such article, and there are ads for Garrard turntables inside among others. A coupon offers $2.50 off the annual subscription of 12 issues to Charter subscribers and suggests that it was available on newsstands. The editorial also promises more to come with focus on contemporary Russian music, Gypsy, Classical Jazz and technical info in future issues. This is issue one, an American publication from 1959, and I can find nothing else about it on the web so have no idea if they made it to issue two, any info is appreciated.Flex29_Living Music disc

2 thoughts on “Flexibition #29: Living Music No.1

  1. Nice find Dave, thanks, I have two issues of the similar Echo magazine going up on the blog later this week by coincidence

  2. Billboard Magazine (Aug 3/1959, p.22) has a mention in its “Music As Written” column: that the first issue press run of 40,000 sold out in one week, and that the September issue “will contain 18 tracks from newly released record albums”.

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