Flexibition #48: Stones Throw L.A. Record magazine flexi’s

Back in 2012 and 2013, the Stones Throw label placed flexi discs inside four consecutive issues of L.A. Record magazine (Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring – issues 107-110), each by a different artist. Vex Ruffian, Boardwalk, Jonwayne & Jonti and Chrome Canyon all contributed tracks and they’re obviously pretty hard to find unless you live in California. Some show up on Discogs but are becoming harder and harder to find at a decent price as collectors of the label snap them up.

Stones Throw flexidiscx3

Speaking of Stones Throw and seeing as it’s ‘Black Friday’ tomorrow I have to highlight their release with the Vinyl Factory even though it’s not a flexi disc. A white triangular 7″ by The Egyptian Lover housed inside a fold out, gold foil embossed pyramid sleeve featuring two of his most-loved classics, ‘Egypt, Egypt‘ and ‘Girls’ (Bonus Beats) in what must be 45 packaging of the year even if it’s not going to be record box-friendly. egyptian-lover-triangle1egyptian-lover-triangle2 egyptian-lover-triangle5

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