2 thoughts on “Hello, my name is Delta

  1. I agree completely, Delta is always pushing, he grabs an idea and pushes it in as many different directions as possible before moving on to the next. But he always retains a part of what is essentially ‘Delta’ in that next. Toast is similar in that respect in that, like Daim, he has taken on this 3D style and pushed it in his own direction. Daim definitely took it and refined it for his own style but has effectively been making tiny improvements (shadows on the 3D, higher scale pieces) whilst staying within a fairly static version of this style. Artists like Part 2, Rough and Kofie really push themselves to new areas and, like Delta, they may not always work but you’ll always check for them.

  2. I look at graffiti from all over the world, some graffiti nowadays is só advanced, skillwise, techniquewise, so over the top with colorschemes etc, but… after, time after time… I find myself coming back, looking at delta pieces again and again, and again, and realizing, for me, he stands alone, far above other writers. I look at daim for example, from germany, so advanced in 3D graffiti, technical end-result perfected yet, going through 20 of his pieces, they look the same, and I go through them rather quickly. With delta, never, I never go through his pieces quickly, I can literaly look at many of his pieces for 10 to 15 minutes, just looking, discovering something new every time, and it’s not technically perfect, but on purpose, I think, it has something organic, it’s alive, it’s breathing, his pieces are playfull and fun to watch, very playfull, not outlines everywhere or nowhere but some outlines here, some there and somewhere else left out, how colors overlap each other, I could go on but it’s clear to me, delta, without a doubt, is my favorite graffiti artist in the world. Without a doubt. Respect.

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