KLF night with John Higgs at the Cube, Bristol

Bank of Mu front v.2This Sunday at The Cube microplex in Bristol there will be a very special event centered around The KLF and their burning of a million pounds over 20 years ago. EntitledKLF : Chaos, Magic and the band who burned a million pounds, the night takes its name from John Higgs‘ recent book and he’ll be talking about Discordianism, Doctor Who, ‘The Illuminatus! Trilogy’, Alan Moore’s Idea Space, the number 23 and more amidst talks, screenings, loops and rituals in The Black Room. More info here, tickets are limited.
Cube KLF bannerI was asked to provide some sort of musical accompaniment but this weekend’s gig schedule means I’d never make it back to the gig in time unfortunately. Instead I’ve fashioned this fictitious One Million Mu note for them to ‘do what thou wilt’ with. Click each note for a larger version and see how many easter eggs I’ve put into them – whoever spots them all wins something interesting.

Bank of Mu back v.2

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